Security Policy

At R'lyeh Hacklab we take security and privacy very seriously and we do all in our power to protect our users' data.

All of our services run at our premises under our control, and even backups are fully encrypted. We use security keys, so we do not know any passwords of any of our servers. Feel free to come to the hacklab and ask us more about this or any other related thing.

Disclosure Policy

If you have found a security vulnerability in any of the services we host or any part of our infrastructure, please email us ASAP at admin [] (0xDAA3DB31FCB116DC) with the subject beginning with SECURITY and give us up to 24hs to get back to you. If we do not reply, please ping us via Twitter or Telegram.

We will proceed to triage the vulnerability and act accordingly, fixing the issue as soon as is practical. We will be in touch with you along the process. Please do not publicly disclose the vulnerability until it has been addressed.
After all is done your name will be written in the hall of fame (with your permission of course). Our community will be promptly informed about what has happened and we will be writing a post in our blog.